Backup and Recovery
We sincerely hope that none of our clients every need to recover from a catastrophic event, but the truth is, failure is always an option. We want to make sure you are ready, ease your mind and design a solution that is budget friendly.

Backup Services

A lot of people outside of the IT industry think "backups" is either a dirty word or one that is always put off because of cost or complexity. The truth is, backing up your enviornment can be fairly painless and cheap depending on the type of solution you are looking for. Something as simple as a second hard drive can provide an incredible service when it comes to a failure. Our team specializes in making sure that you have a solution that is tested, simple, and effective. Some of the backup methods we can impliment are as follows:

  • Mirroring
  • Raid
  • NAS / SAN
  • On-Site
  • Off-Site
  • Cloud
  • Server
  • Network Storage
  • Database
  • Recovery Services

    Just as there are countless backup methods, there are also the same with restoration. In a perfect world, one might expect a retore to do just that, restore your business in a click of a button. While this can be the case, normally it is not, and having a team that knows how to re-construct your enviornment, restore the data efficiently and get you back and running is priceless. We will always consult you on backup and restoration methods to see what type of solution fits you and your business. We want to make sure you understand all the costs involved and not just the cost for individual services.

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